My name is Dan Windler, I was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2001. I have found strong circumstantial evidence that my Leukemia was caused by a formaldehyde product that my podiatrist had me rubbing on the bottoms of my feet to both treat and prevent planters warts.

After using Lazar Formalyde for 9 months I was diagnosed with a form of acute myeloid leukemia. Recently I read a statistical study by the National Cancer Institute of 25,000 people who had worked around formaldehyde. The conclusion was that these poor people were 3.5 times more likely to develop myeloid leukemia than the general public! OSHA has been limiting workers exposure to formaldehyde since the 1980’s; so when these people spilled some on themselves they probably cleaned it off right away. My foot Doctor had me rubbing it on the bottoms of my feet 3 times a week and letting it soak in! You’re probably wondering how the FDA could allow the use of formaldehyde to treat planters warts when OSHA was limiting workers exposure. Well, it turns out that the FDA does not regulate topical treatments that foot Doctors use!

There are 7 sub-types of acute myeloid leukemia. I SUFFERED from acute promylocitic leukemia. M3 has the highest peri-induction mortality rate. More people die during the first few doses of chemo than in any of the other sub-types! I also SUFFERED some life threatening complications, but by the grace of God I survived. Now I feel obligated to spread a warning about Lasar Formalyde, and to make an attempt to get it off the market. I called my foot Doctor’s office the other day and was told that Lazar Formalyde is still in use. There are probably people out there using it even as you are reading this!

I am looking for others who suffered from Myeloid Leukemia after using Lasar Formalyde in order to launch a class action suit and get this product off the market. I am no longer eligible for a class action money award because more than 3 years have passed since my diagnosis. My goals are to motivate people to take action before their 3 year window runs out; and, to motivate people not to use lazar formalide in the first place."

  - Dan


Please contact me at dwindler2@wi.rr.com.